Jerome Romain is a world of his own -"A world where hyperrealism icon Ben Schonzeit meets the lone moments of Edward Hopper," an art fart would say. But art farts we ain't over here, plus Jerome probably sees himself more as figurative painter anyway, or even better in no box at all, which is, actually, perfectly fine.   

A full-on self-taught artist who has been polishing his craft over the last 20 years, his oil-on-canvas "photographic paintings" have evolved, and the photographs he nowadays paint from stick for an eternity seemingly random scenes of the daily life, in order to sublimate their subtle poetry.  

Sometimes, such scenes are just utilized as a beginning for something new, an image that wouldn't exist by itself, and this is what makes his art unique. Yes, unique. Not hyper-realistic, not figurative, not "pop", not surrealistic: out of step, in the best meaning of the expression. Jerome Romain's body of work is a glimpse into a maelstrom of, including but not limited to, encounters with elderly tourists, never-ending disguised parties, crushed soda cans, tattoo sessions, heavy metals fan's jacket patches, porn-reading skaters, selfie-obsessed concert crowds, group sex, TV dinners, non-posed nudies. 

-Seb Carayol